About Us
Our motto is being reliable and honest what results in our client’s satisfaction.
P.H.U. "POTPOL" s.c. P i S Potasz is a manufacturer of PVC FORIS, REHAU woodwork and ALUPROF aluminium joinery. We also offer roller blinds, mosquito-nets, roof windows, garage door, operating mechanisms, interior and exterior winow sills and complex assembly service. We own high-tech, innovative and fully automated stock of machine
tools including saws numerically controlled by a sealing-deburring line and automatic device to forge and glass. We also own professional line for curving PVC profiles which gives us possibilities of full range of window and door shapes. Apart from high quality machine tools and device we also have qualified team of workers able to meet requirements of even most complicated constructions, and professional assembly gives a guarantee of long lasting usage. Experienced tradesmen of POTPOL company will advise you on the choice of colour, functions, shapes and what is most crucial optimal technical parameters of woodwork and joinery. Due to high quality products and trust of our Clients for 20 years we have been invariably providing woodwork and joinery not only in Podkarpacie area and nationwide but also abroad: in Germany, Slovac Republic, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Canada. Every suggestion or remark of our clients allows us to perfect and constantly develop our company to provide products of the highest possible standards.
We offer
- Professional Assembly Service
- Woodwork and joinery measurement and
  valuation - Fast completion dates
- Instalment sale
- German lead free FORIS and REHAU profiles
- Long warranty period (up to 5 years)
- Full variety of colours and shapes of
  woodwork and joinery
- Garage door and operating mechanisms
- Roof windows (Fakro)
- Window and door mosquito-nets
- Exterior roller blinds
- Small roller blinds, roller shutters, window
- PVC winow sills, agglomarble, marble,
  granite, steel, alu, MDF.
Our goals
Since we decided to manufacture joinery our fundamental goal has been in the first place highest quality and technical parameters and then the price. Out of full range of components suppliers we chose German lead free FORIS system and Austrian MACO forging. Aluprof system – the oldest and best renowned by manufacturers, provides us with aluminium profiles. In 2011 to extend our offer we implemented PVC REHAU system which features different shapes, fresh outlook and at the same time meets strict technical requirements. Our basic policy that we have been following since the very beginning is to satisfy our client with high quality woodwrk and joinery at reasonable prices. Professional assemly, constant and fast non-warranty service are some of our other attributes. The goals presented laid the grouds for our clients’ satisfaction, trust and constant development of our company. ( To see full interview with company’s owner go to www.oknonet.pl)
Client satisfaction
POTPOL is a plant offering a range of 3, 4, 5, 6 chamber profiles, a variety of shapes and even more colours to the satisfaction of most demanding client. Thousands of clients have laid their trust in us nationwide and abroad. Some of our completed projects are: houses, blocks of flats, schools, hospitals, public utility buildings, churches, historic tenement houses, petrol stations and many other buildings where level of our service was highly evaluated.
Responsible enterpreneurship
POTPOL – as a licensed manufacturer and distributor of joinery, roller blinds, door, frames with glass infill has all possible approvals and certificates (technical approval, statement of conformity, hygenic approval, fire protection certificate, construction product label etc.) which allow to launch the products on the market. Very strict quality control at the finishing stage of production eliminates all possible failures that could have occured in production process.
Reliabilty and honesty
POTPOL - is a guarantee of brand highest quality products, kept completion deadlines, client satisfaction with products sizes and parameters. It is due to satisfied client that we feel reliable and dependable, which is proven by statistics: 80% of our clients come to us more dicto.